Let’s Call It Relationship Marketing!

What is the point of the previous article “Ignorance Can Make You Wealthy?” It is that in order to be successful in MLM, or any business for that matter, we need to get away from the idea that we are in a selling business… that just doesn’t work!

Our purpose is to help people solve their problems… that is the primary reason for being in business. Then, when we do help, in many cases, we are compensated but the compensation should not be our main focus.

These days, no one wants to be sold. Yet when you look at most of the tweets and facebook messages, most people are giving a presentation or pushing a website trying to sell a product or opportunity… no wonder 95% fail!

If you will come across as caring, understanding and interested in the other person it will be like a breath of fresh air… you will be welcomed with open arms and they will embrace you.

In order to be successful, our mindset needs to be one or service, that we are in business to help other people solve their problems and our first obligation is to get to know the other person and try to understand their problems before we start offering solutions.

The way we do that is by building relationships… get to know the person. Build the know, like and trust factors by truly taking an interest and withholding judgement. And the very best way to do that is to develop the skill of asking questions and listening. That, in many cases, will take some practice but it will be well worth the effort.

Learn to ask questions and listen to the answers. The very best resource I have found to learn the skill is Michael Oliver’s book on Natural Selling®. It’s all about learning to dialogue!

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Ignorance Can Make You Wealthy!

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By Michael Oliver

I was at our local market place savoring a nice apple pie a la mode when I struck a conversation with some people there.

We got around to talking about selling and one of them, I discovered, used to work for the local and very large telephone company.

She told me she became the top sales person in the first month she joined. And then after that her ranking plummeted.

I asked her why that was, and her reply was something that all of us might pay attention to…

She said, “In the first month no one told me I was in the sales department. All they told me during my training was that people would call looking for a phone service and that I was to help them find what they needed and help them buy it.”

“So in the first month you didn’t think of yourself as a sales person?” I asked.

“No, I didn’t! And when I found out I was, by looking at the board where the month’s sales reports is posted, and seeing my name under salespeople, something happened to me… and the number of customers I serviced after that went down.”

“So how did you go about serving your customers in the first month” I probed.

“Well I would ask questions and give them the correct features depending on their requirements.”

“So why did it all change?”

“Because before I never saw myself as a salesperson, and then I saw that I was!”

“And what’s a… ‘salesperson’… in your minds eye?”

“You know, someone who is trying to sell something… trying to persuade them to buy our service… I just couldn’t do that…”

“But you could do what you were doing in the first month – yes?”


“So let me ask you… what if in reality selling is really what you were doing in your first month… and not what you saw on the board… would that have made a difference?”

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is… What if the true essence of selling is really what you were doing in the first month… serving and helping people get what they need and giving it to them if you have the right solution… and not all that other stuff you thought it was? Would that have made a difference?”

“Yes. So, you’re saying that’s what selling is really all about?”

“From my perspective, absolutely, yes! It’s also the dictionary’s perspective as well, if you look back a few hundred years for its original definition. The original definition is that selling is to serve, to help and also to exchange… not to manipulate or persuade. So how does that make you feel?”

She laughed and said, “I guess that was what I was doing. Serving.”

“And if you hadn’t read that notice board with the word ‘salespeople’ do you think your time at the phone company would have been more fun and profitable?”

“Absolutely, yes… I’ll bear that in mind for the future.”

This particular story has a number of points that will help you with your Network Marketing business.

Firstly, it illustrates very clearly the power of the first principle of Natural Selling. That is, the purpose of your business is to help other people solve their problems. When the lady I was talking with focused on this, her job was easy, fun, profitable and fulfilling.

However, when she started to focus on her “agenda” as I call it (that is, when she started to think that she had to ‘sell’ her company’s service) things started to go wrong. She didn’t enjoy what she was doing and her results were not as good.

I talk more about this principle, and the other three principles of Natural Selling, in chapter 3 of my book “How To Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety Or Losing Your Friends!

Secondly, it demonstrates what selling is really about and how anyone can do it when they see it as it really is, (helping other people to get what they want… and not what they think it is!)

Unfortunately, many people (and Distributor’s) are not exposed to this. As a result have a negative view of selling.

But if you can let them see that selling isn’t what they think it is, then you’ve removed a block that might have prevented them from joining your business. I talk about this more in role plays number one and number five of my audio program “Introducing Your Business And Products“.

So, focus on your purpose and remember what selling is really about. You’ll find that not only will you help other people, but you’ll also get what you want without stress and quicker than you thought possible.

About the Author

Michael OliverMichael Oliver is an internationally recognized trainer, speaker and author and the founder of Natural Selling, the only sales training program designed to really eliminate rejection and objections. Visit his blog and signup free to get blog updates by email, along with the latest news, free advice, additional resources, and a lot more! Go now to http://www.michaeloliver.com. While you’re at it, check out http://www.naturalselling.com.

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From Beautiful Bridges to Beautiful People!

Total length	13,200 feet (4.0 km)

Designed by Parsons Brinckerhoff

As a young Structural Engineer/College Professor my dream was to design beautiful bridges. Following 15 years of teaching engineering principles to college students and earning advanced degrees, I moved my family to Maryland to take a position with J.E. Greiner Engineering, one of the top bridge design firms in the country. They were just finishing work on the second span of the William Preston Lane Jr. Suspension Bridge spanning the Chesapeake Bay.

Thus began a relationship with an engineering structure for many people who could now enjoy the convenience of easy travel to the Eastern Shore on weekends. And just like our human bodies, a bridge, after it is opened, cannot be forgotten but needs constant upkeep and maintenance to assure that it continues to give safe and reliable service for many years. Yes, bridges age just like people and proper care is essential to assure they live long useful lives!

I spent a summer studying fatigue cracks in one of the anchorages of the original bridge, the result of millions of cycles of high stress in the summers as the bridge carried maximum loads with the many travelers bent on getting away to their ocean retreats on weekends. Just like bridges, our bodies can also suffer from fatigue when subjected to all the challenges of modern life.

Now that I am retired from engineering work, network marketing gives me the opportunity to apply some of the same concepts to helping people become more beautiful. Along with the external beauty… periodic painting in the case of bridges and cosmetic treatments for people, is the internal maintenance required and that means effectively managing stress in the case of both bridges and people to assure long useful healthy lives.

Network Marketing, for me, is a highly effective way to enhance and beautify the lives of many people by supplying them with the very best personal care and maintenance products.

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Have You Eaten Your Live Frog Today?


What does eating a live frog have

to do with network marketing?

When it comes to getting the right things done for our social media/network marketing business, Brian Tracy has given us some great suggestions in his wonderful little book, Eat That Frog!

The premise is that if we start each day with our most challenging task, symbolized by eating a live frog, our results will improve dramatically.

The book is based on over thirty years of time management study, so the ideas are definitely worth paying attention to and better still… implementing.

Brian’s learning process was simple… find out what other successful people do and do the same things until you get the same results. Learn from the experts.

The big success killer is procrastination and Brian offers 21 ways to beat the killer and get more done in less time. I’ll just give you just the first one… you’ll have to read the book for the other 20.

The Key to Great Success!

Brian’s key to great success is this: “The ability to concentrate single-mindedly on your most important task, to do it well and to finish it completely.”

He points out that you will never have time to do everything you have to do, therefore it is essential to pick the most important tasks and get those done first.

Suggestion Number 1 Brian labels, “Set the Table.” By this he means decide exactly what you want and make a plan. He emphasizes the importance of having written goals with deadlines and that you do something every day that moves you closer to your major goal.

You must be absolutely clear in your mind as to what you want to accomplish and have the confidence and singleness of purpose to do what you need to do according to your plan.

Learning a Musical Instrument

As an aside, I have taught myself to play at least half a dozen musical instruments, some quite well, and my method was simple: I would play something every day!

I did not set a time because, some days, the available time might be short. But each and every day before my head could touch the pillow, I would pick up the instrument I was working on at the time and play something.

And the system paid off… I never considered it to be work because it was always enjoyable but the important thing was learning and applying the self-discipline to do what needed to be done consistently.

Order it Now!

It’s a small investment that will pay huge returns over and over if put into practice by creating new success habits that will lead to the satisfaction of goals accomplished! To order now, just click here: Eat That Frog! – 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time.

The MLM Challenge

j0441037For most of his working career, the Top Network Marketer worked a 9 to 5 job where he had only a little freedom to decide how he would spend his time during those hours. For the most part, his activities were directed by his supervisor. He was lucky that he did have the opportunity to be somewhat creative, but was in no way his own boss. Under those conditions, it was fairly easy to do what was necessary to get to work on time and work the required number of hours, etc., knowing that to do otherwise would mean an end to the paychecks appearing magically, month after month in the bank account. There was little real satisfaction from the work because, most of the time, it was not at all apparent who, if anyone, would ultimately benefit.

Now, with network marketing, one has total freedom to choose who to work with, the product or service to market, what hours to work, how much and what kind of effort to put in, etc. This means that we are free to pick a product or service that we know will be of great benefit to many if we can just get it into their hands. It’s just a matter of effectively communicating those benefits in a manner that is understood and accepted. That is our challenge.

So why is it that so few are truly successful? Of course, along with freedom comes responsibility! The responsibility to be organized, to be clear as to our objectives and to spend our time effectively. I think that many of us buy into the idea that it is going to be easy and that the results will come with very little effort. We have not learned the self-discipline required to focus our attention on those essential activities that must be performed on a consistent and regular basis to get the results that we want.

So, what is the answer? I will be exploring different answers in future blogs but I would love to hear your comments on this subject. What are your greatest challenges and what methods have you found to be effective in producing the results that you are looking for?

That’s it from the Top Network Marketer… stay tuned!

Why Network Marketing?

I must be an MLM junkie! I’ve been in so many MLM companies that I’ve lost count… can anyone relate to that?

Although approached a number of times, I resisted joining Amway and Shaklee. But then, when Olde Worlde came along, I just could not resist any longer so I jumped in with both feet.

But then, just after Olde Worlde had moved into its wonderful new facility, a few of the top leaders left the company taking many of their people with them and the whole thing collapsed. It was a sad thing to see.

Following Olde Worlde were: NuSkin, Oasis, YoungLiving, XanGo, FreeLife International/Himalayan Goji Juice, Automatic Builder/Nutronix and several others that I can’t remember.

But I suffered, severely, from that old bugaboo… call reluctance. Many times, the telephone was just too heavy to pick up! LOL! Now I’m finally coming to understand why… fear of rejection… lacking the confidence to do what needs to be done and the courage to operate outside of the comfort zone.

The standard method was to acquire a large number of leads, usually by purchasing them, and then proceed to call them assuming that they, surely are, or ought to be, interested in my business opportunity.

Then, along came the Internet and now we have Social Networking sites with names like MySpace, Facebook, Tagged and Twitter. These sites now make it possible to quickly and easily approach thousands. And many who have embraced this new technology are being handsomely rewarded.

What are the benefits of MLM?

  • Low startup costs and easy to join
  • No prerequisites – anyone is eligible
  • Long term practically unlimited residual income
  • Outstanding, often unique, products
  • You can really help others – everyone wins
  • Networking can be very enjoyable

Are there drawbacks?

  • It does require some work
  • It requires a certain dedication
  • Not everyone succeeds with MLM
  • It’s not a “free lunch”

Fortunately, there are a number of outstanding learning opportunities with leaders who have paid the price and now offer the benefits of their experience for a mere pittance. Among those leaders are: Mike Dillard, Jonathan BuddJohn Milton Fogg, Lou Abbott, and Max Steingart.